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BIO I was born in Workington, England in 1961, but I have lived most of my life in Horten, Norway. When I was a teenager I came across a beautiful picture of a snow covered apple in National Geographic. I think it was at this moment that my interest in photography was aroused. I have kept my interest in beautiful images since then whether photography has been my hobby, my full time job or a business on the side. I have taken several courses in photography and Photoshop over the 
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Mis Fans
A�n no hay fans

Hazte fan

Mis galer�as (6)

Photos with textures added.


Droplet Series
These photos have a similar style made from 2 photo layers; One black and white shot of the leaf and one photo of raindrops on the hood of a newly polished black BMW. These images can be bought separately, but they also look great when they hang together.


Still Life
Different styles of still life photography.


Abstract and Art with Ripple Eff
Abstract photos and photos with ripple effect.


Landscapes and nature photos


Rust and Decay
Can you see the beauty in rust and decay? Can you see the colors, the textures and the stories?



Select the photo you like best to be printed in any of the available materials. The result will be spectacular and unique.

» Finishes
   - Canvas
   - Perspex
   - Aluminium
   - Paper
   - PhotoGallery
   - See + info

» Color  (View all)
blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, black,...
» Subject  (View all)
architecture, nature, landscapes, abstract,...
» Shape  (View all)
panoramic, horizontal, vertical, square, column
» Genre  (View all)
abstract, contemporary, surrealism, hiperrealism,...
» Art Techniques  (View all)
photography, painting, drawing and illustration,...
valued, popular, commented, recently, expensive, economic, big

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10 artworks published
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from 16-02-2010
Vladimir Konovalov
17 artworks published
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Pop Art Face Part 2

Hallo Spaceboy

The Disappearance of the Elephant
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