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I discovered to very premature my true calling, Plastic Arts, to sell off an one-horse low relief, using for it a tablespoon scratching the gypsum of the wall of my room at my parents's domicile. He copied paintings of the classics like hobby at the age of eight years, using paintings and colored pencils that he always requested that they give him as a present. All the neighbors and friends knew about this fondness and asked me for pictures. Study Pictorial and Sculptural Procedures 
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Dibujo Digital Vectorial
Dibujos de línea digital vectorial ampliables hasta el máximo. Hechos con el mínimo detalle, pero con todo lo que es imprescindible, para reconocer y procesar las imágenes visualmente sin ningún tipo de comentario verbal o escrito. Son imágenes que hablan por si mismas. Lenguaje visual absoluto, como idioma universal.


Infografía 3D
Pinturas digitales combinadas con elementos y personajes 3D, dando como resultado composiciones de arte digital puro, imposible de hacer con herramientas convencionales. Pretendo abordar temas actuales y hacer un reflejo de la realidad que me toca vivir, con toques lúcidos y algunas veces oníricos.



Select the photo you like best to be printed in any of the available materials. The result will be spectacular and unique.

» Finishes
   - Canvas
   - Perspex
   - Aluminium
   - Paper
   - PhotoGallery
   - See + info

» Color  (View all)
blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, black,...
» Subject  (View all)
architecture, nature, landscapes, abstract,...
» Shape  (View all)
panoramic, horizontal, vertical, square, column
» Genre  (View all)
abstract, contemporary, surrealism, hiperrealism,...
» Art Techniques  (View all)
photography, painting, drawing and illustration,...
valued, popular, commented, recently, expensive, economic, big

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Vladimir Konovalov
17 artworks published
from 22-06-2009
30 artworks published
from 28-11-2010
12 artworks published
from 29-09-2009
Teo Tarras
35 artworks published
from 10-08-2011
0 artworks published
from 16-02-2010

Pop Art Face Part 2

Hallo Spaceboy

The Disappearance of the Elephant
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