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Drawing his inspiration from scripture and nature, Dallas’s prints and canvas mounts explore new creative possibilities in faith-based art. For the past seven years, Dallas has been creating modern interpretations of classic themes, as well as new and original concepts. Each is custom-tailored to its final position in home or office. Dallas is progressing toward large oversized pieces for churches, businesses, and modern room settings, bridging more abstract styles with scripture.
Mis Fans
A�n no hay fans

Hazte fan

Mis galer�as (3)

Contemporary Christian Artwork C
Scripture inspired and faith based artwork themes.


Vintage Abstract
Contemporary interpretations of vintage based themes.


Childrens Art Collection
Contemporary expressions for childrens decor.



Select the photo you like best to be printed in any of the available materials. The result will be spectacular and unique.

» Finishes
   - Canvas
   - Perspex
   - Aluminium
   - Paper
   - PhotoGallery
   - See + info

» Color  (View all)
blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, black,...
» Subject  (View all)
architecture, nature, landscapes, abstract,...
» Shape  (View all)
panoramic, horizontal, vertical, square, column
» Genre  (View all)
abstract, contemporary, surrealism, hiperrealism,...
» Art Techniques  (View all)
photography, painting, drawing and illustration,...
valued, popular, commented, recently, expensive, economic, big

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Hallo Spaceboy

The Disappearance of the Elephant
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