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Beauty in Decay
This is a photo of an overgrown window covered with moss, algae and mud. It was left on the ground in front of the red cottage that is partly visible in the case you wondered. Sometimes the ugly can be beautiful!

Author: Graceful
Gallery: Abstract and Art with Ripple Eff
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other..., horizontal, photography, abstract, other...

abstract, decay, colorful, bright, vivid, window, moss, mud, cabin, old, nature, overgrown, plant, window, weathered, house, nobody, vintage, branches, architecture, withered, vegetation, twigs, spooky, tangled, tree, wood, wooden, outdoor, sunlight, sunlit, leaves, ivy, decayed, environment, green, scary, ruin, forgotten, grown, growth, facade, dilapidated, derelict, deserted, desolate, haunted, home, cracked, building, broken, abandoned, neglected, horizontal, decay, creepy, decline, cottage

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