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Message for You
Imagine finding a message in a bottle! Would it have made ​​its way across the ocean with a message just for you? Or would it have been for someone else? Would you open it? Of course you would! Lose yourself for a moment in this picture! What do you think the letter would say? I had an idea for this image for quite some time before I started working on it, but in my head the result was quite different from what you see here. The bottle was uncolored, the background was more like the sky, and the sand had a different color. The only bottle I had was blue, and with a studio backdrop, some textures and sand from Sahara, this is how it turned out.

Author: Graceful
Gallery: Textures
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Maximum printing size: 30x40cm

blue, vertical, photography, Colouristic, other...

shells: sea_shells: bottle: blue: sand: message: textures: message in a bottle: communication: bottle: cork: white: message: sos: glass: paper: antique: sea: mail: old: letter: lost: wine bottle: concepts and ideas: turquoise blue: time: beach: reflection: transparent: tide: hope: secret: ideas: concepts: survival: loneliness: ashore: secrecy: still: object: castaway: note: conceptual: close-up: idea: life: bind: longstanding: stranded: rescue: solitude: desert island: travel locations

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