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Urbganic 4
All these buildings have a personality of their own and I have created this series to express the overall personality of New York City architecture. A story can be told with each architectural element. We take advantage of them being static and functional structures but when you take a minute to step back and view them you find they are exciting visually. They enhance our visual experiences everyday; I have simply exaggerated this thought. I have incorporated the visual beauty of the architecture with the excitement and non-stop commotion that New York City is famous for and incorporated fluid lines that you so often see in nature. Along with the the color palette that reflects nature, sunsets, sunrises and the overall feel of city living one can create a story of the happenings within each Urbganic Space. The viewer's imagination has no limitations.

Author: brettcreates
Gallery: Urbganic
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Maximum printing size: 50x70cm

black and white, horizontal, drawing and illustration, surrealism, other...

architecture, graffiti, surreal, colorful, mixed media, illustration, drawing, handmade, urban, cityscapes

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