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GOLDEN GLOW ON ELEUSIS - ( Mitologia Griega )
The town of Eleusis, 15 miles Northwest of Athens, is at the heart of the wheat and barley gowing region of Greece. It is here that a festival was performed in honour of Demeter ( Persephone's mother ).It is told that Demeter, in her searching for Persephone, came upon the city of Eleusis and took shelter there. I imagine that this is what the first spring would have looked and felt like in Eleusis once Demeter had found her beautiful daughter and returned to her duties as Goddess of the harvest. Acrylic on stretched canvas 60 x 120 CM COPYRIGHT © SARA CATENA Handmade,artwork,colorful,colourful,painting,artists,greek,greece,greco,canvas,spain,espana,canvas prints,prints,contemporary,affordable,art gallery,colourful,artist,"fine art""wedding gifts",Gallery.Canvas Paintings. by saracatenacolorart on nuzart. lacquered acrylic on stretched canvas, handmade, artwork,painting,spain,espana, canvas, canvasprints,prints,affordable, art gallery, artist, fine art wedding gifts, gallery, canvas paintings, by saracatenacolorart on nuzart.

Gallery: GRECIA ( Mitologia Griega )
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