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A walk through nuzart

What is is a place aimed at all artists, photographers, illustrators and painters, professionals or amateurs, who want to exhibit their artworks and sell a la carte reproductions, that means that customers will be able to decide on the size and the printing material for the artwork. allows artists to cocentrate on developing their talent while we promote the artworks, manage the sales process, manufacture the artworks in diffrent materials and displays and deliver worldwide . The artist only has to decide on the amount he wants to receive for each reproduction of his artwork.

And also, allows members of the community (artists and customers) to get in contact with eachother to share experiences and knowledges or to judge and assess their works.

To whom is aimed at

Artists, illustrators, painters, photographers and creators, professionals or amateurs, who want to EXHIBIT, SELL and SHARE their talent whith other artists. They will have their own space that will be managed individually to upload, download, clasify , mark the price and promote their images.

Customers who want to buy a la carte art decoration and reproductions, deciding on the material, the size and the format of the artwork at a reasonable price, and who might be interested on getting in contact with the artists.

Head hunters who want to find and get in direct contact with non-beginners artists.

And those who want to use our professional printing on-demand services for their own real artistic photos. In this case, the images won't be published or stocked, and they will only be used to process the order using the same production and printing technology as we use for the artists' artworks.

what can you buy at

At you can buy photography, illustration and painting. Once you have choosen the artwork, you will be able to decide on the size and the printing material. This are the different printing materials and assemblies that you will find at

And if all this was not enough, also gives you the opportunity of getting in direct contact with the artist and consulting other artists' opinion about his work.

Who can sell at is a place open to all artists, photographers, illustrators and painters, professionals or amateurs, who want to exhibit their artworks and sell on-demand reproductions. Renown and dedicated artists are welcome, but it is not necessary to sell at Experience and recognition are valued, but your talent is even more appreciated and important to us.

Click here to start selling at

Who is behind is the latest initiative created by Alendis, a top leading e-commerce company specialized in art, decoration and trends.

After more than 8 years experience producing and selling art and graphic-decoration solutions on internet with, and, we launch as a response to the increasing tendency of using images and photography as an indipensable decorative element for today's interiors.

Throughout these years we've been able to realize how difficult is to promote and to make artworks known for those artists with less resources. And yet, at the sametime, we were verifying the increasing demand for high-quality photographs and illustrations at reasonable prices, giving our customers the opportunity to create custom artworks with the images adapted to their needs.

What we try to achieve with, is to meet all customers' and artists' needs, with the same dedication and passion as we do in all our initiatives.


Select the photo you like best to be printed in any of the available materials. The result will be spectacular and unique.

» Finishes
   - Canvas
   - Perspex
   - Aluminium
   - Paper
   - PhotoGallery
   - See + info

» Color  (View all)
blue, yellow, orange, green, brown, black,...
» Subject  (View all)
architecture, nature, landscapes, abstract,...
» Shape  (View all)
panoramic, horizontal, vertical, square, column
» Genre  (View all)
abstract, contemporary, surrealism, hiperrealism,...
» Art Techniques  (View all)
photography, painting, drawing and illustration,...
valued, popular, commented, recently, expensive, economic, big

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Vladimir Konovalov
17 artworks published
from 22-06-2009
22 artworks published
from 29-11-2009
47 artworks published
from 16-01-2010
Teo Tarras
35 artworks published
from 10-08-2011
12 artworks published
from 29-09-2009

Pop Art Face Part 2

Hallo Spaceboy

The Disappearance of the Elephant
abstract architecture art black blue city color colorful contemporary digital fantasy flower flowers green illustration landscape