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Ink traks

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En un mundo saturado de imágenes, las ilustraciones se han convertido en una poderosa herramienta. Y las celebridades, en su principal fuente de inspiración. Las ilustraciones son una exuberante alternativa que ofrece una visión más personal, emotiva e impactante que la fotografía. Además otro aspecto que ha multiplicado el uso de ilustraciones, es el creciente interés por las celebridades. Óleo, tinta, collage, vectorial, ilustración 3D y otras muchas técnicas son las empleadas por los ilustradores de la actualidad. En la imagen que mostramos a continuación, la artista  Jazmin ha empleado la técnica vectorial para retratar el bello rostro de Liz Taylor.

In a world awash in images, illustrations have become a powerful tool. Their principal source of inspiration are celebrities.

Illustration is an exuberant alternative that offers a more personal, emotional and on occasion, powerful image than photography. Another factor that has multiplied the use of illustrations is the increased interest in celebrities. Oils, ink, collage or even 3D illustration -among others-, are the diverse techniques used by today’s artists. The image shown above, is a Liz Taylor’s vector-art portrait designed by artist Jazmin.

Feel like a kid again!

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The Eazy-Teez prints are for kids, but not exclusively …

captura-de-pantalla-2011-05-03-a-las-085454.png captura-de-pantalla-2011-05-03-a-las-091952.png

Eazy-Teez is a graphic designer and illustrator from the Netherlands. He’s been mostly working on personal projects, for his record labels and now for Eazy-Teez. Eazy-Teez is a kids clothing label that he’s started about year ago, comprising illustrations and designs inspired by toys designers, dutch design and children in his immediate surrounding. The Eazy-Teez prints are for kids, but not exclusively … Enjoy it!

Signs as designs

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In both photography and illustration, certain objects has the power to convert any everyday view or any urban or rural space into amazing designs. In this regard we refer to the power of signals, which show an unknown facet once staged and “dressed” up by the ability of artists to be captured. And this is when signs start to really communicate.


En fotografía tanto como en ilustración, ciertos objetos  tienen el poder de convertir cualquier espacio urbano, rural o cotidiano, en auténticos diseños. En este sentido nos referimos a las señales, que una vez puestas en escena y aderezadas por la habilidad de los artistas para ser capturadas, nos muestran una faceta hasta entonces desconocida. Es entonces cuando la señal empieza realmente a comunicar.

Obras (según las agujas del reloj desde arriba a la izquierda) Artworks clockwise from top left: New York City V(Irene Bernard Palomar)Fin del Camino (María Meseguer)Tubes (viewport) , London Crossing(freshlook)Dirección (Rosa Fernández)A30 (medusa)Me pierdo en Tokio (anais)Atención (oluprod).


DirecciónRosa Fernández

Put the color ON

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La Radio de miriam 

Black & White are the safe choices in photography and the design world. The color of luxury is elegant and subdued. Yet, at the same time, even top-tier photographers, designers, artists and luxury brands have always used bright colors as well. It is not about either or. It is not b&w or color. Just try telling those who love Andy Warhol’s art, Madrid’s Terminal 4 airport interiors, Veuve Clicquot’s packages, Paul Smith’s designs or Renzo Piano’s Central St. Giles façades in London, that the “designer look” is always predominantly black and white…

And although bright color is often associated with being a sort of primitive, wild, folk-art aesthetic, and therefore black and white would seem the serious and civilized alternative, color is not just wild, frivolous, and primitive. In fact, we are seeing a clear increase in the use of color in the broad design world. We see more color in commercial and residential architecture, interior design, art, installations, products, marketing, and communications.

And if you want to see more about color at, all you need to do is click through the various categories of colors on this site and you’ll get a sense of how color is gaining ground.