“Exploring the outdoors fills me with a sense of peace, inspiration and deep connection with the Earth.” – Mario Entero, Sports & Nature Photographer

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Mario Entero is a freelance adventure and travel photographer based in Fuerteventura, Spain. Inspired by the beauty of the places, his travels around the seven seas and his spirit of adventure, Mario Entero‘s images capture the full range of the active outdoor lifestyle -from awe-inspiring action to people within grand landscapes-.

“Through my photography I hope to ignite a spark in people, the spark that motivates them to develop their own connections with the earth and explore the world in which we live.” – Mario Entero, Sports & Nature Photographer.

Mario Entero has been an athlete his entire life: skiing, surfing, climbing, biking, etc. Being an active participant in sports, his shoots allow an intimate perspective into documenting athletes and their lifestyles. Mario prefers to be hands-off with his subjects, in order to capture athletes’ emotions and movement in a raw and natural form. This philosophy is evident in his images, he has made of his work a favorite of photoeditors everywhere.

“Exploring the outdoors fills me with a sense of peace, inspiration and  deep connection with the Earth.” –  Mario Entero, Sports & Nature Photographer.

Agua 27 | marioentero

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Josh Jenkins: Young and skilled

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The Hangover by joshjenk


Josh Jenkins alias joshjenk  es un joven artista neoyorquino, con una amplia experiencia en diseño gráfico, ilustración y fotografía, cuya vida ha estado siempre vinculada al arte. Creció en Nueva York y posteriormente se trasladó a Kentucky para realizar sus estudios secundarios. Y es con 19 años cuando finalmente regresa a Nueva York para matricularse en la Licenciatura de Arte y Medios Digitales de la Universidad Marist College (Poughkeepsie, NY), y llevar a cabo su gran sueño: Vivir y ganarse la vida haciendo lo que realmente le apasiona.

 Durante los últimos 5 años ha trabajado en numerosos proyectos  y ha expuesto sus obras en diversos lugares como el Hudson Valley de NY y en Philadelphia, PA. Su Galería de obras expuesta en nuzart.com está compuesta por dibujos abstractos, esencialmente expresionistas, tratados con técnicas mixtas digitales.


joshjenk_missingyou_pg.jpg joshjenk_thehangover_pg.jpg 


Missing you and Hangover by joshjenk, framed with a PhotoGallery Frame

Josh Jenkins aka joshjenk is a young, skilled and experienced web & graphic designer, illustrator, painter and photographer who has been practicing art his entire life. Raised in New York during his childhood, he moved to Kentucky during high school, and by the age of nineteen, he returned back to New York so that he could attend college and pursue his life long dreams:  to make a life long living out of one of his greatest passions. This current year he will have a BS in Digital Media with a Studio Art Minor from Marist College (Poughkeepsie, NY).

For over the past 5 years, he has been working on a wide range of projects, and has shown his paintings around the Hudson Valley, NY and in Philadelphia, PA. His sellection of artworks exhibited at nuzart.com gallery, consists of abstract drawings, essentially expressionistic, made with mixed techniques.

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