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Untitled 44 | Azure

“My art has often used music and the environment around us, as a reference point to create”.- Azure 2010

What I really like about this London based artist, is the mistery that surrounds her artwork. A unique series of abstract paintings inspired by the music and the small things around us that seem to move to the rhythm of the wind… as we observe in untitled44: a flower, an unusual shape, a set of  musical notes that sail leaving a delicate trail. Here the technique shows a mixture of styles, and the reality, the movement revealed by the artist herself which can be seen (and even heard) at a glance. The wind blows, the flower sails.

 Lo que más me gusta de esta artista londinense es el misterio que envuelve sus obras. Unas pinturas abstractas que se inspiran en la música y en las cosas que nos rodean, y que parecen moverse al ritmo del viento. Como untitled44, una flor, una forma irregular o un conjunto de notas que navegan al son de la música dejando una delicada estela. La técnica muestra una mezcla de estilos; la realidad, el movimiento que ella misma desvela y que puede percibirse (e incluso oirse) cuando nos fijamos en ella. El viento sopla y la flor navega.

  1. tv guy dice:

    Where did you learn about this? Can you give me the reference?

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