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1. Welcome to
2. Selling at
3. Uploading my images to
4. How images must be
5. Trading on
6. Creating on
7. Shipping Policy
8. Privacy Policy

1. Welcome to

Who's meant for?
What can I do at
Who can sell on
Who can place comments of the works?
Who's behind

What's is a community for designers, photographers, artists and painters, either professionals or novices that want to expose their works and sell custom reproductions; that is, customers may decide the size and material of the printed reproduction. allows the artist to focus on the development of their talent, meanwhile we deal with the promotion of the works, the management of sells, the production in different materials and stands and the shipping to all over the world. The artist only has to place the amount of money he wants to earn every time one of his work's reproduction is sold.

Besides, allows to the members of the community, artists or buyers, be in contact, share experiences and judge the works.

Who's meant for?

To artists, photographers, designers, painters and any artist in general, professionals or novices, that want to make themselves known and also sell their work and are interested in learn, review and know about other artists.

To art and decoration reproduction buyers that want to make custom orders, that is, deciding about the material, size and format of the work, at low price and that may be interested in contact the artists. To headhunters who want to find and contact no novice artists.

What can I do at

If you're an artist you can EXPOSE, SELL AND BE RELATED to other artists. You'll have your own space to manage by yourself: upload and download your images, price them, promote the site, etc. You can share your works with other artists, assess them and discuss with your colleges. If you're a reproduction buyer, you can BUY and COMUNICATE with the artists. It's a custom buy; you can choose the printing material and the size you want for your order.

If you have images you can CREATE with them your own works. In this case your images won't be published not stored; they will be used only for your order, executed with the same printing and production techniques as the artist's works.

Who can sell on opens its doors to all the photographers, designers, painters and artists in general who want to expose their works and sell their reproductions. Well known artists are welcome but you don't need to be one of them to sell on We appreciate experience and fame, but even more your skills.

Click here to start selling at

Who can place comments of the works?

Everyone. Just give us your name and email address.

Click here to start

Who's behind is the last idea of Alendis, e-commerce stores pionner company specialized in art, decoration and trending.

After more than 8 years of experience in production and selling art works and graphic decoration solutions through the Net (,, we launch as an answer of the more and more use of images trending as a main element for our decoration.

Through these years we've noticed the big troubles for low support artist to be known and promote their works; besides, we confirmed the increasing by our customer of photographs and high quality prints at low price, and over all, the possibility of suite images according to the customer's needs.

With we hope to cater these artists and art buyer's needs, and do it with the same passion and care we put on everyone of our ideas.

2. Selling at

Sell your works in 5 and a half steps
How much do I earn with my works?
When and how I place my prices?
What's the base price for the products on
Can I change my prices later?
How do I know what I've sold?
When do I get paid?
What can I do to increase my sells?
Can I sell original artworks on
Can I sell limited edition works on
How much is the cost for me for selling on

Sell your works in 5 and a half steps

1. Sign up, create your account and upload your high resolution photos.
2. Place the price for your works. Decide how much you want to earn every time one of your works is sold, no matter the material o size.
3. Fill the information needed for every works (classification, tags, description, etc) in order to be easily findable and able to sell more.
4. Promote your space and your works, we'll provide the needed tools and advices to do it (banners, blogs, catalogues, etc)
5. Sell! and get paid every month the price you have decided by yourself for every item
5.5 Meanwhile, share your experience and advices to other artists of the community

How much do I earn with my works?

It's up to you.

You place the price for the reproduction (PFR), so, what you want to earn every time one of your works is printed and shipped to a customer. will charge the customer a price that includes the PFR you place for every work.

For instance:
Canvas 70x50 with wooden frame..............................................70 euros
PFR: ........................................................................................... 15 euros
Our price: ................................................................................... 85 euros

In this case, the artist earns 15 euros for every time this work is sold.*

(In this example it's not considered any tax that may happen according to current laws of every country)

When and how I place my prices?

Prices are placed once the images are uploaded.

Prices of the items may be placed one by one, in a group or even in a gallery

The price can be a fixed amount (ex. 15 euros) or a percentage of the retail net price (without VAT) that will be paid by the customer.

In order to ease the decision to place a competitive price, will provide information about the PFR average prices that the rest of the community is placing for their works and also de PFR average prices of the sold works.

Before you confirm the price, you will see how it looks like the final PFR for every option (materials and sizes) in order to consider it's reasonable for you to place that price.

What's the base price for the products on

Taking into no consideration the PFR, so the price for the printing you decide you want to earn for your prints, here's the table of retail prices of the products on

Click here to see the prices

Can I change my prices later?

Sure, no problem, you can do it from My Account. Bear in mind that the change won't affect the current orders.

How do I know what I've sold?

Through My Account, where only you can access with your password to manage your galleries and to receive real time statistics about visits, orders, ears and benefits, etc.

When do I get paid? will pay your gains month by month. In the next 30 days after the end of the calendar month, will make a banking transfer o send a check (or even through other payment methods as Paypal in the future) for the amount generated that month. However, if the amount of money is less than 100 euros, nuzart will keep that money till you reach at least 100 euros or till our agreement is finished.

Only the orders charged to customers will be paid.

What can I do to increase my sells?

Quite a lot.

You know it's as important for selling have a great product but also promote it.

That's why will provide your own URL (ex. in order to be as noisy as you can. Promoting your own space will let you be known as an artist, increase the visits of your works and so increase your chances for selling.

Your collaboration in selling is basic, first and after uploading your works:

Once you upload your works...
- Please bear in mind to focus into decoration main goal once you make your choice about the works to expose
- Take care about the quality of your works, fulfilling the requests we ask you
- Consider well the price for reproduction you place (PFR), using the tool we have at your disposal. You need to be competitive to sell more.
- It's basic for you to include tags and descriptions for the photos; that will make them easily findable for the buyer.
- Sell yourself, fill the information about to you and your special skills, for a potential customer this is very important.

Once the works are uploaded...
- Create a PRO account, you'll have more space and visibility, which means more chances to sell
- Use our marketing tools in order to gain more visits
- Place your URL in your mails
- Participate: discuss, assess, make friends... In a few words, be an active member of the community

How much is the cost for me for selling on offers a free account including the possibility of uploading up to 20 high resolution images.

You can also create a PRO paid account (9 EUR/month) which allows you to upload up to 100 images and have more presence, which is better for your sells.

You can pass through a free account to a PRO account on every moment.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of the PRO account read the next step.

What's the difference between a free account on and a PRO account? (Coming soon)

Having a PRO account gives you a sort of advantages, all of them pointing to increase your sells and have more profits

  #Galleries #Photographs Extra visibility Other Prices
FREE Infinite 20*     0€
PRO** Infinite 100 - Featured artist in search results
- Inclusion in our Home Section of Featured artists
- Inclusion in our weekly customer Newsletter.
- Promotions and discounts in all our produts and services: Photo Album, catalogues, cards, etc 9€/month
PRO annual** Infinite 100 idem idem 77€/year (You save 25%)
*During 2009 the Free account allows you to upload up to 50 images
**Available from 2010

Can I sell original artworks at

Selling original art works is not on our mind in principle. The goal for is to promote artists and their works, and to ease the production and trade of these reproductions. Of course you can indicate if you want that the original work is available and get through an agreement with the customer interested but in this case won't have any responsibility on this transaction.

Can I sell limited edition works at

In principle don't offer this possibility. We think it has not much sense (nor even credibility) guarantee the limits of prints on a print on demand site as is. Artists that want to put limits to their works may just erase the image once the number of the desired prints is reached.

3. Uploading my images to

How do I upload my images to
What's the difference between a public, private and locked gallery?
What type of file formats can I upload to my gallery?
Are there file size limitations for uploading?
Can I upload multiple images at a time?
Is there any minimum file size?
Is it important to place tags to images?
What's the maximum print size?
Can I proof my images?
Can I send to my original images?
How long will it take for my images to go live to my gallery?
Do I loose ownership of my images when I upload them to
What's acceptable content?
Are my images protected at

How do I upload my images to

You have two ways:
- Directly through the site, once you access to my Account
- Send us a DVD/CD by ordinary mail to and we'll make the job for you; in this case we'll notice it's done for you to include the tags and needed information. The cost of this job is 30 euros for every 10 images and will take about 10 working days.

What's the difference between a public, private and locked gallery?

Once a new account is created we'll ask you if you want it to be public, private or locked.

Public account means that everybody has access to your account and its images will be available in the search results. The most common is that you want your gallery public; this way you'll have more possibilities for trading all around the world.

Private gallery means that only when the password you indicate is introduced the contents of the gallery will be shown. This option can be used, for instance, for the artists that want only to sell their works to a special group of customers.

You can change from public to private and vice versa on every moment.

What type of file formats can I upload to my gallery?

We accept JPEG and TIFF. Learn more about how your images must be here.

Are there file size limitations for uploading?

You can upload up to 50Mb size images, big enough for the quality requirements in and gain a perfect printing result.

Once the images are uploaded, the system will determinate if they are good and big enough for our technical printing requirements. Learn more about how your images must be here.

Can I upload multiple images at a time?

Yes, you can upload up to 10 images at a time, but only if the size of all are less than 50Mb.

Is there any minimum file size?

Yes. For guarantee the final quality of the work, images must be at least 1575x1182 pixels big. If the images is smaller, the system will refuse the file.

Is it important to place tags to images?

Absolutely yes. Is basic in order to find your images.

Tags are key words that help customers to find your works. By using tags you will have more possibilities for trading, since more customers will find your works. Tags should describe your work, put on the customer's shoes and imagine how he would manage to get to your images (f.e. blue, New York, sea, etc)

What's the maximum print size?

During the process of uploading images to your galleries, analyzes every one of them and determinates the maximum printing size, with full guarantee of the result. Images will never be printed in bigger sizes that is stipulated in this process. This size depends on the pixel size and the image quality for every case. Images will never have lower resolution than 100 ppp.

The artist will know what sizes images can be printed, so if only can be printed on the very small sizes, he can upload a bigger photo. hardly reccomends to upload the highest resolution images able, so you can offer them for all the sizes at your disposal.

Learn more about how your images must be here..

Can I proof my images?

Yes, we'll only charge the base price. Just enter your account and buy one of your works. The system will identify yourself and won't charge the fixed mark-up for every order, just the base price.

Click here to see the prices

Can I send to my original images?

No. will only accept digital files.

If you want to change into digital your works, here we show you a few advices suggestions to do it and we'll provide some suppliers well known for us.

Companys that may change into digital your original works.

Suggestions for changing into digital your original works.

How long will it take for my images to go live to my gallery?

Images directly uploaded from the web will be published immediately once the process is finished. Images sent on a CD/DVD will take about 10 days.

Do I loose ownership of my images when I upload them to

No. You will never loose your ownership of your images cause there's no ownership transfer. So, you keep always all your rights on your images. By submitting contents to you're granting us a nonexclusive license to produce your images on demand.

Learn more about your rights and duties as an artist here.

What's acceptable content?

It's is strictly forbidden any illegal o non acceptable content, such obscene, violent, offensive, discriminatory, etc. reserves the right to determinate the appropriateness of anything posted on and remove without notice any items that fail to comply with these policies. will analyze all the images published on this site.

Apart from this common sense considerations, we recommend you once again to put on the customer's shoes once you choose your images to upload. Take into consideration what is pretended to find in art and decoration.

Are my images protected at

100% sure. You have nothing to fear.

Nobody, customer, or other member of the net has access to your high resolution images. When you upload a printable file it changes immediately into a low resolution file which is the one placed on the site; the high resolution file is kept in our secured servers

Only the staff of has full access to your high resolution images once an order is placed. The only way to use your images is once one is printed on any material (canvas, paper, etc); the high resolution file will be never be traded.

4. How images must be

In order to get maximum quality products, it's basic that your images have the following requirements. Here you'll find some suggestions about the kind of file you can upload, the available printing sizes for every image, how to be sure the colour will be perfect and all the needed for your perfect prints. If you follow these instructions we guarantee that the products will be as nice or even better than the original ones.

File types: JPEG and TIFF allows to upload different format files to fit to your needs. The different file types have features that may affect to the product's quality, so to the resulting prints. We accept JPEG and TIFF files through direct uploading or on a CD/DVD.

If you're not sure about the file type to use, we show you both features

TIFF. No perishable files; that is, they keep all their properties and information of the original file no matter how many times it's modified or saved. Working with these kind of files is the best way to assure an optimal printing result. However, the disadvantage is they are very heavy files, so could be more tough dealing with them and upload them to

JPEG. A smaller file thanks to the zip used methods. The amount of information loss can be controlled with the function Quality adjusts when you work with this file in Photoshop. A high quality JPEG can be an excellent option if you need to decide between file size and reliability of the photo. JPEG files are smaller and so easier to upload to

Product size and pixeled

Available sizes to order in depend directly on the file size you upload; that's why it's so important to upload the image at the biggest size possible.


A pixel is the smallest size of a digital image file. Your image "pixeled" are the high and wide measures in pixels. We measure in pixels to determinate the maximum print size we can get because it tell us the absolute and finite measure of your photo.

We won't never change the ratio high-wide of your image nor cut it off without reason. We place the photo in the "container" which description you'll see below. Digital cameras, 35mm cameras and scanners, all of them capture information at different scales, so it may arrive that some of the available sizes will suffer slight variations. For instance, a small piece could be at 6,8 x 10 instead of 8 x 10 due to individual proportions.


Don't mistake DPI with PPI! Both terms are often mixed although they refer to different concepts.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) refers to the amount of ink by square inch needed to print an image on paper.

PPI (Pixels Per Inch) refers to the number of pieces of information presents on a square of the photo printing size desired. It's also known as output resolution. For an optimal result, we use to place the resolution at 150 PPI or 300 PPI, but we get also great results even at 100 PPI. This the minimum output resolution that allows our system, so it won't never come out from our store anything with less than 100 PPI resolution.


Size (cm) Minimum size pixels
30x40 1.200 x 1.600 pixels
40x50 1.600 x 2.000 pixels
50x50 2.000 x 2.000 pixels
50x70 2.000 x 2.800 pixels
60x80 2.400 x 3.200 pixels
70x70 2.800 x 2.800 pixels
70x100 2.800 x 4.000 pixels
100x100 4.000 x 4.000 pixels
100x135 4.000 x 5.400 pixels


Once you upload your images it may happen that some size can be ac quired ( you'll see it's crossed out). If you see no sizes to get that means that our system considered that your images are not big enough to get an acceptable quality for production at the desired size. We recommend not to increase the pixeled of your images by hand - also known as up-sampling -. What up-sampling makes is to add information or more pixels artificially when in fact there's no such increase. This can take to a serious damage or pixilation of the photo face to an unreal image size increase.

Up-sampling can take us to a fake and so the product result can be not satisfied or even disappointing. We can't guarantee that the final result with a photo with these features will be the desired.

How to know the size in pixels of your images:

Windows: open the file and right click on it, then go to Properties. The píxel size should be there.

Mac: If you see the file with the Finder, the size should be on the resume.

Photoshop: Select "Image" and then "Image size"

Formats and framing

In we offer the possibility of change the format and framing of your image once it's uploaded. This way you can easily adjust your image to the different formats we use on and make the best framing.

When you upload your images to your galleries you can decide if you want that customers interested in purchase one of your works can modify the default format and framing for you decided.

If you agree you're giving more options and possibilities to the customer to buy your works. If you don't, you'll always know that your work will always be seen as you decided.

5. Trading on

How can I place an order on
How can I find the image I want?
What are the base prices for products?
What payment methods are accepted by
Is there sales tax on my order?
Is online ordering safe?
Which printing materials uses?
Why some sizes are crossed out?

How can I place an order on

First you have to select the image (read below to learn more about how to find it). After you have done it you need to select the printing material and size.

Once finished, add the product to the chart and fill the form with your address and select the payment method, then we'll start working.

How can I find the image I want?

You have several options to find the image you need.

If you're not quite sure about what do you want and don't have any preference (format, style, etc) just surf the site: the works of our Outstandind Artists, the most appreciated works of the Community, the works best visited, the best sellers, and the best posted. You can also check what's "on the oven" in our tag's section.

If you know what you want, you can use our groups, all of them pointed to decoration: colour, themes, format (square, landscape) style (pop art, modern,) and technique (photography, paint,)

Moreover, if you're looking for something special, you can use the tag tool on the upper right corner.

What are the base prices for products?

Click here to see the prices.

What payment methods are accepted by

There're two options on

Credit card
On we accept the following credit cards:
- MASTERCARD guarantees safe payment in all the transactions (learn more about our Security Policy)

Bank transfer.
As another method you can pay by bank transfer. You can see below our banking details:

Bank: Banco de Sabadell
Receipt: Alternativas Electrónicas de Distribución SL
Account number: 0081-0638-56-0001173320

Internacional orders:
IBAN: ES72 2100-1691-14-0200100026 Caixa

It's very important for your to indicate your order number and your name in the comments of the bank transfer. If you don't do this the whole process may take several days more. Once the payment method is selected click on Continue to finish the order.

For your safety, for orders up to 300EUR we can request a copy of your card and your ID document.

Is there sales tax on my order?

Yes, the final price has taxes included.

Is online ordering safe?

Transactions on are 100% safe. We use the SSL system which encrypts your credit card information. We always use the industry standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving data exchanged with our site.

Which printing materials uses?

Canvas, methacrylate, forex, semy-glossy paper and aluminium. Click here to learn more about these materials.

Why some sizes are crossed out?

The default framing is the one selected by the artist, although you will see you can change it up to you. Measures options you see crossed out are not activated cause the images has not the needed minimal production requirements, you have then to select the activated measures.

6. Creating on

What can I do in the CREATE section and what's the difference with SELL?
How much does CREATE cost?
What are the image requirements and how can I send it?

What can I do in the CREATE section and what's the difference with SELL?

In the CREATE section you can create your own work with your images. The difference with SELL is that the photos you use won't never be exposed nor categorized, just will be used for your order, so you don't have to sign up as an artist nor create a gallery. Just upload your image, tell us the printing material and the size.

How much does CREATE cost?

We'll just charge the retail printing price cause you provide the image, it does not belong to our work's artists catalogue.

Click here to see the production prices for every material

What are the image requirements and how can I send it?

Your image should have in principle the same technical requirements as the artist's, although in this case we can treate in particular way every image and, if necessary, re-size the image if the quality is good enough. In this case our technical team will take the image, analyze it and confirm if it's good enough to do the job.

You image is sent through the uploader you'll find in the CREATE section.

Learn more about your image requirements here

7. Shipping Policy

How much is the shipping cost?

(no available)

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, all over the world.

We work with the best international couriers which allows us to arrive wherever in the world with the best guarantees.

International shipping fares

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We try in to have a dateline less than 10 working days since the order is placed. If you need your order for a specific day just tell us.

What happens if I'm not at home?

In this case the courier will notice you with a note and will contact you again for a new delivery attempt. To avoid this stage is hardly recommended to indicate the working address for the delivery.

What if my item is damaged when it arrives?

All of our items are carefully packed in designed boxes to protect them during the journey from our store to its destination. If in despite of that the product arrives damaged we will ship a replacement at no additional cost. To return your damaged item, please make a picture, put the item in its original wrapping and contact us.

8. Privacy Policy

Online import - export of artistic productions. On we're committed to keep your personal information; your privacy is very important for us. We've implemented this policy to keep you inform about the information we get from you and how we managed it. When surfing you're allowing us to take, record and use your personal details as it's described on this Privacy Policy and our Use Rules.

Personal Data Protection in compliance with it's stated in Substantive Law 15/1999 of Personal Data Protection. For your information for the access to different parts of this site, some personal data will be requested. Acceptance and resulting provide of these data are volunteer, except for the boxes where are specifically indicated it's compulsory. These data will be incorporated and treated confidentially to a file which full ownership is IDEAMINA S.L.

You're also informed that, besides the automated treatment, your data will be used for the efficient management of users and to provide information about trading products an also site improvements. Nevertheless, is engaged to not use your personal data for promotions for those users that specifically decided not to receive your newsletter. In any case these data are exclusive property of and won't never be transferred to anybody unless the cases Law states. also informs you can always exercise your right to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, just mailing us to

Privacy Policy Changes. Occasionaly we can change this policy to reflect changes in our service, according to our customers'oppinions. If an important change happens we'll notice to you with post on the site or by mail to the given address. We hardy suggest to check often this Private Policy for any update or change.

Which information we request? You can surf the site without telling us who you are and without giving us any personal Information. Once you sign up you won't be anonyme to us. When you place an order we'll ask you to provide us the following personal Information: full name, mail address, postal address, phone number and the credit card information used for the order. If it's the first time you order you need to choose a user name and password to open your account. When selling your works, we'll ask you too your tax ID number and banking details for the payment of the works you sell. We keep a record of the purchased products. All this gathered information can be used by and also by our suppliers in order to follow up your order.

How do we use your Personal Information? We gather your personal Information to follow up the transactions you've requested. Our goal is to provide a safe and efficient experience on our site. We will also use your Information to provide a customer service support more effective and to measure and improve our products, services and technology. We'll also use your Information to communicate with you. We'll send some releases about the service, as welcome letters, billing information, technical matter reports, and security warnings. From time to time we can also send opinion polls about the product or promotional emails to inform about other products and services availables at

Will we share your Personal Information? will not disclose your personal data to third parties without your consent. may release account information when we believe, in good faith, that such release is reasonably necessary to (i)comply with the law, (ii) enforce or apply the terms of any of our user agreements or (iii) protect the rights, property, or safety of, our users or others. We may occasionally hire other companies to provide limited services on our behalf, such as handling the processing of delivery of mailings, providing customer support, hosting websites, processing transactions, or performing statistical analysis of our services. Those companies will be permitted to obtain only the personal information they need to deliver the service. They are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and are prohibited from using it for any other purpose.

How do we Protect your Personal Information? is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. We protect the security of your information during transmission by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts sensitive information you input. If a password is used to help protect your account and personal information, it is your responsibility to keep your password confidential. Do not share this information with anyone. If you are sharing a computer with anyone you should always choose to log out before leaving the site to protect access to your information from subsequent users.

How can account information be changed or updated? You may view and edit your personal information online. In order to prevent information form being view by others, you will be required to sign in with your email address and password. After signing in, go to the My Account tab to update your information.

How Can You Change Your Communication Preferences? You can stop the delivery of future promotional email from sites and services by following the specific instructions in the email you receive. You may also sign into your account and select the option to opt out on the My Account tab.

Policy of Children's use of the site. is intended for users age 13 or older. We will not knowingly collect or use any personal information from children we know to be under the age of 13. Any information that we know is from a child under the age of 13 will be deleted. Those between the age of 13 and 17 may only use with permission and supervision of a parent or legal guardian. Your parent or guardian may request that we delete any personal information in our database and/or opt out from receiving any communication from us.

Do We Use Cookies? A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a Web page server. Cookies contain information that can later be read by a Web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. uses cookies to store information that may uniquely identify our users and securing their personal information. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser settings to decline cookies if you prefer.

We welcome your comments regarding this Privacy Policy. If you have questions or believe we have not adhered to this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Compra y Venta Online de Reproducciones Artisticas En estamos comprometidos a proteger tu información personal, y tu privacidad es muy importante para nosotros. Hemos implementado esta política para informarte de la información que recogemos de ti y sobre como la ultilizamos. Visitando, estás consintiendo expresamente a que recojamos, almacenemos y utilicemos tu información personal, tal y como se describe en esta política de Privacidad y nuestras Normas de Uso.

Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal En cumplimiento de lo establecido en la Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, te informamos de que, para el acceso a los contenidos de diversos apartados de esta Web, te serán solicitados previamente determinados datos de carácter personal. La cumplimentación y consiguiente entrega de estos datos tiene el carácter de voluntario, excepción hecha de las casillas en que se informe expresamente de su obligatoriedad. Estos datos serán incorporados y tratados de manera confidencial a un fichero automatizado propiedad exclusiva de NUZART,S.L. - CIF: B85438687

Quedas informado de que, además del tratamiento automatizado, tus datos serán utilizados para la eficaz gestión de sus usuarios y para facilitarles información sobre los productos que comercializa esta empresa así como de las mejoras del sitio. No obstante, se compromete a no hacer uso promocional con los datos personales de los usuarios registrados que expresamente hayan seleccionado la opción de no recibir nuestro boletín. En cualquier caso estos datos son de uso exclusivo de y nunca serán cedidos a terceros, salvo en los casos en que lo exija la Ley. te informa también de la posibilidad de ejercitar los derechos de acceso, rectificación, cancelación y oposición, pudiendo dirigirse a la dirección de email

Cambios a esta Política de Privacidad Podemos revisar esta política ocasionalmente, para reflejar cambios en nuestros servicios, de acuerdo con las opiniones de nuestros clientes. Si hay cambios sustanciales en esta Política de Privacidad, te notificaremos por medio de una nota en nuestro Sitio o te mandremos un email a la dirección que nos hayas proporcionado. Te recomendamos que revises regularmente esta Política de Privacidad para cualquier actualización o cambios.

¿Que información recogemos? Puedes navegar por la página sin decirnos quien eres y sin revelar ninguna información personal. Una vez que te registres, ya no serás anónimo para nosotros. Cuando hagas un pedido, te solicitaremos que nos des tus datos personales: nombre, dirección de email, dirección postal, número de teléfono, y datos de la tarjeta con la que vayas a efectuar el pago. Si es la primera vez que haces un pedido, te pediremos también que elijas un nombre de usuario y una contraseña para que creemos tu cuenta. Cuando vayas a vender tus obras a través de, te pediremos también tu CIF y datos bancarios para hacerte los pagos de las obras que vendas. Mantenemos un historial de los productos que hayas encargado. Toda la información recogida en este proceso puede ser utilizada por, así como por los proveedores de servicios relacionados, para poder llevar a cabo tu encargo.

¿Como utilizamos tu Información Personal? Recogemos tu información personal para llevar a cabo las transacciones que nos hayas solicitado. Nuestra meta es proporcionarte una experiencia segura y eficiente en nuestro sitio. Tambien utilzaremos tu información para darte un servicio de atención al cliente más efectiva, y para medir y mejorar nuestros productos, servicios y tecnología. También utilizaremos tu informaciñon personal para comunicarnos contigo. Enviaremos ciertos comunicados sobre el servicio, tales como cartas de bienvenida, recordatorios de facturación, información sobre asuntos técnicos, y anuncios de seguridad. Ocasionalmente, también podemos mandarte encuestas sobre el producto o emails promocionales para informarte de otros productos y servicios disponibles en

¿Vamos a compartir tu Información Personal? no entregará tu información personal a terceros sin tu consentimiento. No vendemos, intercambiamos ni alquilamos tu información personal a otras compañías. puede liberar información sobre tu cuenta cuando creamos, de buena fe, que dicha liberación es razonablemente necesaria para (i) cumplir con la ley; (ii) reforzar o cumplir los términos de alguno de los acuerdos o (iii) proteger los derechos, propiedad o seguridad de, nuestros usuarios u otros. Ocasionalmente, podemos contratar a otras compañías para que nos proporcionen determinados servicios, tales como el proceso de envio de emails, apoyo al servicio de atención al cliente, alojamiento de dominios, procesamiento de envios, o análisis estadísticos de nuestros servicios. Estos servicios son necesarios para mantener la confidencialidad de la información, y no podrán utilizar los datos para ningún otro propósito.

¿Como protegemos tu Información Personal? está comprometido a proteger la seguridad de tu información personal. Lo hacemos durante las transmisiones de datos utilizando el software de SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), que encripta determinada información que tú introduzcas. La contraseña se usa para proteger tu cuenta e información personal y es tu responsabilidad mantenerla confidencial. No compartas esta información con nadie. Si comprates tu ordenador con alguien, recuerda deconectarte antes de abandonar la página, para proteger el acceso a tu información de los demás usuarios del PC.

Como puede cambiarse o actualizarse la información del Mi Cuenta Puedes visualizar y editar tu información personal online. Para evitar que tu información pueda ser vista por otros, se te pedirá que te registres con tu dirección de email y contraseña. Después de registrarte, ve a la pestaña de Mi Cuenta para actualizar tu información

Como puedes cambiar las preferencias en la comunicación Estás en tu derecho de parar el envio de emails promocionales por parte de, siguiendo las instrucciones especificas que aparecen en cada email que se envia. También puedes darte de baja de tu Mi Cuenta, seleccionando esa opción en la pestaña de Información del Mi Cuenta.

Política de uso de la página por parte de niños está enfocado para usuarios de a partir de 13 años. Nunca recogeremos intencionadamente ninguna información personal de niños menores de esta edad. Cualquier información que sepamos que proviene de niños menores de 13 años será eliminada. Los progenitores o tutores legales pueden solicitar que se elimine de nuestras bases de datos cualquier información personal de un menor y no volver a recibir ninguna comunicación por parte nuestra.

Usamos cookies? Un cookie es un pequeño archivo de texto que es introducido por el servidor de una página web en el disco duro de tu PC. Las cookies contienen información que puede ser leida por el servidor de la página web del dominio que la emitió. No se pueden utilizar para hacer funcionar programas o introducir virus en tu ordenador. utiliza cookies para almacenar información que puede identificar a nuestros usuarios individualmente y asegurar su información personal. Tú tienes la opción de aceptar o declinar las cookies. La gran mayoría de los navegadores aceptan las cookies automáticamente, pero se puede modificar esta opción manualmente para declinar las cookies si lo prefieres así.

Como puedes contactar con nosotros para Información adicional Cualquier comentario acerca de esta Política de Privacidad será bienvenido. Si tienes alguna pregunta o comentario, o crees que no hemos cumplido con esta política, puedes contactar con nosotros en


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